Crashes (English version)

Rucphen’s coat of arms

During the Second World War, three Allied aircraft crashed in the municipality of Rucphen while carrying out their missions.

These events deserve to be given a place in the history of the municipality of Rucphen, by telling the story of these crashes and keeping alive the memory of the soldiers who died for our freedom during air actions.

Ad van Uffelen, the chairman of our foundation, did a lot of research into the crashes. He published, together with Frank van Overveld, the story of the three crashes that took place in our municipality in book form, so that anyone interested can learn more about this event by reading this book.

Very short summaries of the is read on this site.
The crashes in St. Willebrord and in Schijf will probably be published as one publication in 2023. Click on the links below to read the story of these events.

In January 2023, Ad van Uffelen, the chairman of our foundation, visited Canada with a number of relatives of the crew members who crashed their planes in our municipality during World War II. Click here to read this report.